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How We Give Hope

Our primary focus is to aid the Zachary's of the World (ZOWs). Through our main program, the HERO Mentor's, we pair up a child or as we refer to them a ZOW age 9-19 with a HERO mentor who is a servicemen/women/veterans or adult volunteer to build a trusting relationship that helps provide both Mentor and ZOW a protective factor.

We know that by spending one on one quality time with children, teens, and young adults who are in emotional distress can help save their life.  By teaching them coping skills, normalizing talking about their pain, and validating their feelings, we find that we are able to build a trusting relationship with them, and

HELP them get through the pain they feel today
ENCOURAGE them by setting attainable goals, assisting them to REACH those goals, and
OVERCOME the feeling of no longer wanting to live. 
We instill in them that they are created on purpose and for a purpose and that contrary to their beliefs, they are very much needed in this world.  

We offer resources for the program participants, both mentor, ZOW, and their families to ensure that they are getting professional mental health treatment. 

We offer our program participants enriching activity outings to keep these kids focused and engaged.

We offer referrals to ongoing support groups for both the youth and their families through one of our amazing community partners -NAMI Northern Illinois. (Click the NAMI icon for available support group information)

Our program teaches both our Mentors and ZOWs that it's okay to not be okay.  It's okay to reach out for help!

We provide servicemen and women and Veterans with community resources for additional support and by combining our Mentors and ZOWs, we are building resilience in our nation.  
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