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Project 4114 is an honorary project in memory of Zachary Birkholz & Caden Fritz. Two beautiful lives lost to suicide. The project will will create an opportunity for community engagement with youth involved in our HERO program. This has proven to build important protective factors to aid in the development of the participants’ mental health while mitigating suicide risk factors. The Winnebago County Trustee Program will be donating one of its Trustee Program properties for the benefit of Marshmallow’s HOPE, whose program participants will be involved in rehabbing the home and ultimately, turning over the keys to a local veteran in need.


Where can I sign up?

At this time we are not accepting more applications, however we hope to turn this into a reoccurring program.


How do I volunteer?

Fill out the contact form on our homepage and let us know you are looking to volunteer. We will let you know when the next opportunity to help comes along.

When will the recipient be announced?

We will announce the recipient of the home on October 14, 2023.

When will the keys be turned over?

Our hope is to have the house ready to be turned over on November 11th, however we will not hand over the keys until all the work is done.

How do I qualify?


  1. Must be United States Military Veteran (need DD-214) 

  2. Must be current resident of Winnebago County, IL

  3. Must not be current homeowner

  4. Must show financial need 

  5. Must show financial capability to maintain the home, pay property taxes, and utilities


What are my obligations if I am chosen?


  1. Not sell the home for 12 years.

  2. Reside in home and may not lease or rent for 12 years.  

  3. Deed home back to Marshmallow’s Hope to be gifted to another Veteran via application if unable to fulfill requirements.


Please note, only one home is available. Each application will be thoughtfully considered; the Review Board may require additional information, including an interview.

Thank you to everyone that has helped and is continuing to help.


To support firefighters and their families, you can purchase coffee from the firefighter-owned and operated FireDepartment Coffee, where a portion of net proceeds go to supporting injured or ill heroes. If you, someone you know, or an organization you’re familiar with are in need of support, you can apply for assistance from the Fire Dept. Coffee Foundation.

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